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15 Fast Facts About Oral Health

Surely you know that we should brush our teeth at least two times a day to keep our oral health in good condition.

But there are other aspects that you may not know and that you will surely be interested in taking into account in the future.

Let’s start with the data!

  1. Did you know that the enamel, the protective layer of our teeth, does not have living cells? It means that if it is damaged, the only thing that you can do is to try to prevent further deterioration.
  1. Our gums play a significant role in our oral and general health because they help protect the body from infections and complications. So if something threatens the health of your gums, the rest of your body could have problems, too!
  1. Be very careful with dental plaque! Plaque is the source of all or most of the difficulties present in our mouths. 
  1. Plaque is a harmful mass of bacteria that live in the mouth and feed on sugars and leftover food. It starts sticky and colourless, but if not removed, it could turn into tartar that’s impossible to remove without the help of a dentist.
  1. Your mouth contains over 800 different types of bacteria! Our mouths are a very complex ecosystem. A healthy mouth, on average, has around 800 different types of bacteria. In addition, each tooth contains more than a billion bacteria. Have you ever thought about it?
  1. Avoid brushing your teeth too hard. Using a brush like this can damage the enamel and lead to sensitive teeth.
  1. People who drink three or more glasses of soda a day are 62% more likely to have cavities and suffer from tooth loss. The same goes for energy drinks. As we always say, it is best to drink water!
  1. Not all mouthwashes are created equal. The ones you buy at the store help fight a bad breath only for an hour. If you need something different, your dentist could suggest a more specialised one!
  1. If you don’t floss correctly, you could miss cleaning 40% of the tooth surface. Although, recent studies have indicated that a good brushing can cover a large part of the pieces and interdental spaces.
  1. If you are right-handed, you will chew food on that same side.
  1. The average human produces 378,541 gallons of saliva in their lifetime.
  1. Teeth begin to form when babies are in the womb.
  1. Oral diseases are estimated to affect about 3.5 billion people.
  1. One of the curious facts about children’s teeth is that more than 530 million children suffer from dental cavities in their baby teeth.
  1. A baby’s teeth are fully formed within the jaw at birth, although they usually don’t come in until six months. But this rule has exceptions, as some children are born with one or even two teeth.

As you can see, there are many curiosities about our mouths and oral health.

Did you know any of these facts? 

Please let us know!


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