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3 Ways To Fix Gaps In Your Teeth: Understanding Dental Options

The gap in the teeth is a more common condition among adults. Currently, there are several treatments to fix it. We’ll talk about the best ways to do it professionally in this article we provide to you.

What causes that space in the front teeth?

Perhaps at some point, you have wondered why teeth separate?

The cause of this is that the teeth become loose due to the bacteria present in dental plaque. The teeth begin to move as the support of the tooth is affected. 

It can also occur due to the lack of a dental piece. When there is a dental absence, the surrounding teeth will try to occupy the free space. Little by little, they will move in the mouth until they create obvious gaps.

The habit of thrusting the tongue or

thumb sucking also encourages tooth movement and the creation of interdental space.

How to fix the space in the front teeth?

The space between the teeth generates gradually. In most cases, this space is created between the front teeth. If you have a hard time smiling because of that gap between your teeth, don’t worry, it’s easy to solve!

The treatment will depend on the complexity of the case. These treatments must be performed by a professional dentist at the dental clinic. The most used treatments are the following:

1. Dental Bonding

It is a procedure that lasts between 30 minutes and an hour. First, the tooth surface to be bonded is cleaned to ensure that it is free of plaque. 

Then the resin selected by the dentist is printed to cover the tooth and then proceed to mould and smooth it until the proper shape is achieved. Then the material is hardened with a special light.

Among the advantages of this procedure is the simplicity of the procedure, which can be carried out in a single day and is also economical. The disadvantage is that it is not as long-lasting as other treatments.

2. Veneers

They are made of ceramic or porcelain covers that the dentist places and glues over the teeth. The advantage of veneers is that they are quite durable.

The disadvantage of this procedure is that it can lose brightness or darken, especially in people who drink coffee or wine.

3. Braces and Invisalign

They are indicated in severe cases of interdental space. The braces are adhered to the dental surface by means of resins and are tightened between them with a metallic arch. 

In the case of Invisalign, the force applied by the archwires moves the teeth very precisely until they are placed in the desired position.

Why do you need to fix the spacing on the teeth?

Widely spaced teeth can affect your oral hygiene. Food debris can easily get trapped between the gaps in your teeth. This results in the accumulation of bacteria and plaque in the mouth.

If left unchecked, this can weaken the gums and teeth, allowing the onset of diseases such as periodontitis, cavities and gingivitis.

Gaps between teeth can also create a misaligned bite. This makes chewing difficult and painful. This can also bring consequences to the digestive system.

If you want to correct the space between your teeth, visit our Bendigo Dental clinic. He will indicate the most appropriate treatment for you.


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