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Are you tired and frustrated because of poor remaining teeth or loose and unstable dentures? Are your loose and bulky dentures affecting the sheer joy of enjoying your food? Consider All Teeth On 4 dental implants to restore your confidence and function

Functions like your natural teeth

Improved comfort and confidence in speech and chewing food

Improve the quality of your smile and your life

A fixed and cost effective solution

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Badly decayed, poorly broken down or multiple missing teeth can lead to significant oral and general health issues.

In such cases previously, traditional dentures were the only option. Dentures can be bulky, ill-fitting and can trap food underneath making it uncomfortable and annoying at times.

Poor, infected and missing teeth deteriorate the jaw bone and can cause the face to shrink leading to unaesthetic and shrunken appearance. It also affects your speech and your ability to chew food properly.

Luckily, with the advancement in dentistry, our Bendigo Dentists have new, proven and cost-effective in long run replacement options to support the entire set of teeth known as All Teeth On 4 or 6 Dental Implants in Bendigo.

Why All Teeth On 4/6 and How Are They Different To Traditional Implants?

The key difference between All Teeth On 4/6 and traditional implants are the number of implants surgically installed.

In comparison to single-placing traditional implants, All Teeth On 4/6 treatment is faster because the procedure can replace multiple decayed, broken or missing teeth with four implants in one appointment. The healing time is also much faster compared to traditional implants.

Traditional implants are dependent on strong bone density for the stimulation your teeth needs to maintain its position in the socket. All Teeth On 4/6 is ideal for those that lack bone density because bone grafting surgery isn’t necessary.

All Teeth On 4/6 also delivers these additional benefits:

Restore natural oral-functioning and promote better well-being
Cost-effective compared to other forms of treatment such as dentures and partial bridges
Prevents degradation of bone-loss in the jaw keeping teeth strong
Simple oral care routine required for long-term use

All Teeth On 4/6 Dental Implant Procedure

All Teeth On 4 implant treatment does not require bone grafting. In some instances, the dentist may consider alternative implant solutions such as Zygomatic dental implants should you be at risk of developing osteoporosis.

The All Teeth On 4 implant procedure to restore confidence in your smile is only four steps away.

Initial Consultation

The dentist will diagnose your oral condition, check Medical history, take a 3D scan of your jaw including photos and impressions of your teeth.
Implant Placement

Remove any poor remaining teeth, surgically place 4/6 implants and connect a denture on all 4 implants within 24-48 hours

After 4-6 months of healing, new impressions are made and a new hybrid denture is fitted which has a metal framework for added strength.

In this appointment, the dentist will discuss aftercare of your fixed teeth and organise regular maintenance appointments.

Your new smile is ready! Permanently replacing multiple poor teeth with a natural-looking and natural-functioning replacement has never been easier.

Are you seeking a cost-effective, long-term solution to restore your confidence?

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