Appointment Cancellation Policy

We Promise To Value Your Time, Please Value Ours!

We appreciate that your schedule is just as important as ours therefore we try our best to run on time and advise you of the expected length of your appointment.

If we anticipate that we may be unable to see you on time, we will do our best to notify you beforehand. Please be assured we are busy offering exceptional care to all our patients.

If you are kept waiting we apologize and appreciate your patience!

However ,we appreciate our patients also to be punctual so that we can attend all our appointments on time and offer prompt and punctual services for everyone, including you.

Short notice cancellations and arriving late(more than 15 minutes)disrupts other patients and team members. Often we become fully booked and a missed or cancelled appointment may not be able to be re-scheduled for many weeks and this may affect your dental health.

Each appointment is reserved exclusively for you, so if you do not let us know you can’t attend an appointment, it is a waste of valuable time. The time can be of great use to someone else on our list waiting to see one of our dentists or oral health therapist, so you would also be helping others by letting us know if you can’t make an appointment for any reason.

A missed appointment or short notice cancellation represent a cost to us and represent scheduling problems for other patients looking to book in. Due to difficulties of filling in patients last moment we require at least 48 hours notice to rearrange or cancel your appointment.

Due to high demand to book appointments we have a cancellation policy.

  • Our front desk will send you a courtesy call or SMS more than 48 hours before your appointment. Firstly, please read the text to confirm the date and time, then please respond either by calling or replying to the SMS. This saves our staff chasing you up.
  • Failing to attend, rescheduling or cancelling appointments with LESS than 48 hours notice needs a worthy reason as we understand things happen, cancellations for the first time for feeling ill, work, emergencies etc will not attract a cancellation fee.
  • However, if you wish to make a second booking then we require an appointment holding fee of $100 which, if you attend, will be taken off your cost of treatment.

At Integrated Smiles, based on previous experiences we regret to advise that we may ask patients who fail to attend, cancel appointments at short notice, continually arrive late or are simply rude to our team members to source another dental provider.

Our team appreciates your co-operation. Thank you!

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