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Are You Visiting The Hygienist Enough?

Everyone will need to visit the dental hygienist at some point in their lives. Which begs the question, how often do you visit the dental hygienist?

If you’re currently experiencing no dental concerns, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit the dental hygienist. A key reason for this is because whilst you may feel your oral health is strong, the hygienist might have a different opinion. The knowledge of a hygienist is pivotal in maintaining strong oral health for the long term.


The Six Month Rule

It is recommended that the benchmark to visit the dental hygienist is every six months. If you’ve visited your hygienist, you will notice that after every check-up, they will request you to book in your next appointment for six months time. There are many occurrences where you as a patient may not be able to visit the dental hygienist at a booked date and time. This shouldn’t mean that you cancel the appointment and avoid visiting the hygienist altogether. It means that you should find another suitable date and time that suits you. Within six months is a good timeframe for visits to the hygienist.

It Is For Your Own Benefit…

If you ask the question ‘Why should I visit a dental hygienist?’, whilst it’s not mandatory to visit a hygienist, but it is highly recommended. Visits to the dentist to seek regular dental advice is a secret tip for white and shiny teeth. If you want your teeth and gums to remain healthy for the long-term, a check-up appointment is essential to this. The hygienist will perform examinations in your mouth to determine if there are causes for concern, such as signs of oral cancer, gum disease or tooth decay.

Alongside this, dental advice to look after your teeth at home is also important. The advice will comprise an oral routine to follow so your smile remains strong and shiny.


Keep Your Visits To A Minimum…

If you’re not a huge fan of visiting the hygienist, you can reduce the number of visits you make. You want to show your hygienist that you’re capable of looking after your teeth so that your check-ups are short and sharp. Here are some of the steps you can take:

  • Alongside brushing your teeth, always floss to keep food debris away from your mouth
  • Rinse your mouth after you’ve eaten to avoid plaque penetrating around the teeth
  • Reduce the amount of sugars you consume as this can damage your enamel, and replace with calcium and phosphate foods that remineralize your enamel
  • Do not use your teeth for habits such as opening packing or biting down on hard surfaces
  • Wear a dental mouthguard if you suffer from teeth grinding to avoid wear-and-tear on teeth

Have you visited your hygienist recently? If its time to get your oral health checked, check it with our experienced Bendigo dental team. Contact us here and book your appointment!

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