Patient has crooked teeth owing to poor habits

Avoid These Habits That Harm Teeth

Wear-and-teeth on teeth is common, everybody knows that, but you don’t want to make it worse by performing destructive habits that harm teeth. Teeth are designed to withstand and protect you from internal and external damage, but performing certain habits will open those protective layers for teeth and gums to become exposed to problems.

People have perceived their teeth to be used for almost anything, whether it be opening things or biting down on hard surfaces. This means that they’re oblivious to the fact that using teeth to perform these habits is damaging your oral health.

Using teeth for habits that harm teeth has been seen as a shortcut to using equipment that is actually designed for use. These habits are simple and fast to perform when needed and, unfortunately, the culprit of this is your teeth and gums.

This doesn’t mean it cannot be reversed though, because habits disappear if we begin to reduce the amount of times we perform it.

If you perform the following habits that harm teeth, then you need to be prepared for potentially multiple trips to the dentist.

  • Crooked teeth Biting Your Nails

What do you do when your nails are long? You cut them. Although, many people use their teeth to bite their nails. Doing this can impact your jaw positioning, and can also cause chips and cracks to your teeth.

  • Opening Packaging

Teeth are not made as an opening tool. This is a potentially destructive habit that can not only damage your teeth but ruin your smile. The excessive force put on teeth to open packaging will increase the chances of cracking your tooth. It may be a plastic packaging, paperboard packaging, poly bags or foil sealed bags, your teeth should not be used to open them. Eventually, you’ll begin to notice a change in the shape of your teeth.

  • Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a natural condition for many people and is often related to stress and anxiety. Some of the symptoms involve facial pain, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and wear-and-tear on teeth. Those that grind their teeth clench their jaw, causing your teeth to grind together. The condition is most common during sleep, and it is recommended that you wear a dental mouthguard during sleep, and performing calming exercises to reduce stress and anxiety before your teeth get worse.

  • Regular Snacking on Sugars

Sometimes, our food habits involve regular snacking, but snacking on foods that are high in sugar will increase the chances of cavities and tooth decay. Sugar increases plaque production, and when sugar and bacteria come together, it attacks your teeth, damaging your enamel as well. Portion sizes make no difference either, so even if you believe your snacking levels are low, you’re still in danger of damaging your teeth. Create a balanced diet to keep your teeth, gums and enamel strong.

  • Skipping Oral Health Steps

Are you guilty of avoiding brushing your teeth at night or avoiding the dental hygienist? Skipping important oral health steps can become a regular habit that harm teeth. Sooner or later, food debris remaining inside the mouth will form into plaque and build-up bad bacteria. Another important oral health step that shouldn’t be missed is check-up appointments at the dentist. If the dentist calls you in, it is very important that you visit for a check-up.

crooked teeth

Remind yourself that your teeth are built for you to show off a straight, beaming smile. Using teeth to perform these habits will damage your smile significantly. Strong teeth demonstrate strong oral health, and nobody likes to wake up to crooked, damaged teeth. If you’re guilty of performing these habits that harm teeth, be conscious that you’re performing them and stop today.

Are you guilty of performing these habits and need a check-up at the dentist? We’re ready to help you restore your smile. Contact our Bendigo Dentists today for a check-up by clicking here.


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