Benefits Of Strong Enamel

The enamel is not just the hardest mineral in the body, it is even the most essential. If you want strong white teeth to shine through every day, keeping the enamel strong is an important step of oral hygiene.

So, why do you need strong enamel? The enamel lacks the ability to grow and regenerate if it suffers from erosion. This means that once the enamel becomes damaged, it is damaged for good. When this happens, it can leave your teeth feeling sensitive and darker in shade.

Enamel erosion occurs when acidic particles form, usually from food debris left in the mouth, which weakens the enamel over time if your mouth isn’t clean. The acidic particles form from left-over bacteria, a symptom of plaque that interacts with sugars consumed from food. This weakens the enamel.

Therefore, if your enamel is weak, your oral health also becomes weak.

If your enamel isn’t as strong as you want it to be, follow these tips to keep enamel strong.

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Otherwise, a strong enamel can reap the following benefits:

It Keeps Teeth White

When the enamel is exposed to cavity or gum recession, the underlying dentin also becomes exposed.  This then exposes your teeth to various stains causing your teeth to become yellow and dark. Remineralize the enamel by brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste, reduce sugar intake and eat more calcium-rich foods.

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It Protects From Tooth Decay

Tooth decay occurs when plaque build-up turns into sugar. Acid feeds off the sugar causing cavities and decay. Decay stems from a combination of factors, not just bacteria. If you frequently snack on sugars and do not maintain positive oral hygiene, your teeth will decay. To keep then enamel strong, maintain a balanced diet containing clear, calcium foods such as vegetables, nuts, milk and cheese.

It Prevents Gum Disease

Plaque build-up becomes sticky and hard to become tartar. Tartar remaining on teeth can cause periodontal disease. This is particularly if you’re a smoker because cigarettes are a key culprit for gingivitis. If untreated, this will lead to bleeding gums and sensitivity when chewing down on food. Therefore, keeping the enamel strong, along with quitting smoking will help prevent gum disease.

It Can Prevent Tooth Loss

Severe decay on teeth means your teeth are likely to fall out if not treated in time. Even in the event of periodontal disease, the plaque can move down to the centre of the tooth root. This can weaken the jawbone that holds the tooth sockets in place. When this becomes loose, teeth can fall out. Schedule regular dental cleanings and feed your enamel calcium and the minerals to keep gums and bones strong.

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It is important you take charge of your oral hygiene. The enamel does its best to keep your teeth white so you can show off your smile in public. Therefore, it is important that you keep remineralizing the enamel to enjoy a happy and healthy mouth and keep oral diseases at bay.

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