dental xray

Are Dental X-rays Safe During Pregnancy?

We must undergo various medical visits throughout our lives to make sure that everything is in order. And this is especially true when we are pregnant.  When mothers are carrying a baby, they want to ensure that everything is going according to plan. And although we are probably much more attentive to our diet or

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girl brushing her teeth

15 Fast Facts About Oral Health

Surely you know that we should brush our teeth at least two times a day to keep our oral health in good condition. But there are other aspects that you may not know and that you will surely be interested in taking into account in the future. Let’s start with the data! Did you know

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visiting a dentist

How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist?

Everyone takes care of their teeth at home, and technically, by brushing three times a day and flossing, you can prevent many oral diseases. However, this alone is not enough. A step you should follow to avoid major oral problems is to visit the dentist periodically. But how often is the right thing to do?

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girl with sensitive teeth

Sensitive Teeth: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Sensitive teeth are one of the biggest reasons for discomfort among patients who visit the dentist. When the teeth are sensitive, it is usually due to the wear of the enamel. However, it also occurs due to other problems. In this article, we will get to the root of the matter. Dental discomfort can be

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man with sensitive teeth

Top 4 Tips To Improve Sensitive Teeth

Do your teeth become a nuisance when you consume cold drinks? Would you like to know how you could relieve the sensitivity in your teeth? We will tell you about the best solutions for sensitive teeth. What you should know about sensitive teeth Dental hypersensitivity is characterised by fast pain, although very sharp and localised. 

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