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The Link Between Poor Sleep And Oral Health

When you think about looking after your oral health, you think about brushing and flossing your teeth, rinsing your mouth, using mouthwash and visiting the dentist. Of course, these are all important, but what counters these oral routine elements is certain lifestyle factors. One of those factors in focus is the quality of your sleep.

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a picture of dry socket

What Exactly Is A Dry Socket?

A dry socket occurs when you begin to feel throbbing pain for a few days after tooth extraction treatment. This is an indication that tooth extraction healing has been disrupted. So, what is a dry socket? It’s a condition where your jawbone has suffered from inflammation after tooth extraction treatment. The underlying nerves have become

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removal of wisdom tooth

Is My Mouth Healing From Tooth Extraction?

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, the chances are that the tooth would need to be extracted. Any decayed tooth puts your oral health in danger, but our dentists are well equipped to safely remove the damaged or decayed tooth without impacting other teeth. If you’ve recently had tooth extraction treatment, you want

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tooth extraction

Tips To Speed Up Tooth Extraction Healing

The pain after tooth extraction can sometimes be difficult to manage. Although, dentistry is actively evolving to ensure that healing contains as little pain as possible. Although, sometimes this isn’t always possible. Once tooth extraction treatment is complete, the dentist will naturally provide aftercare instructions in order to ensure optimum healing of the extracted area.

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tooth extraction treatment

Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction Treatment

A dry socket is a condition that occurs if a tooth extraction has not healed properly, and it is noticeable if you begin to experience sharp pain around the extracted area. When a dry socket after tooth extraction occurs, the jawbone (formerly known as the alveolar bone) becomes inflamed. It is a natural complication that

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Brushing Teeth After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction treatment is something that nobody ever wants to go through, because it involves removing a tooth due to tooth decay or an impacted wisdom tooth. Nonetheless, sometimes tooth extraction treatment is necessary to preserve your overall oral health, but it can be avoided if you keep your teeth and gums strong. Once treatment

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tooth decay

Best Ways To Reduce Tooth Decay

Tooth decay can be very harmful to your oral health. Tooth decay is the process of your teeth becoming damage owing to dental plaque, a sticky bacterial substance that turns sugars into acid. As dental plaque builds around your teeth, it can lead to tiny openings, or a hole, in your teeth. This is known

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an image of a person brushing teeth with fluoride toothpaste

Is Fluoride Safe For Children?

Whilst fluoride is recommended by dentists for adults, is fluoride safe for children? The purpose of fluoride is to help fight off signs of cavity and tooth decay for your enamel to stay protected. Your enamel protects your smile from harmful chemicals and bacteria, and it is important that it’s remineralized regularly. You can learn

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an image of fluoride toothpaste

Can Fluoride Toothpaste Protect Your Teeth?

Dentists will recommend using fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth daily because of its benefits to your oral health. Fluoride is a mineral that can naturally be found in food and water. Yes, there are dangers to your teeth if you use excessive fluoride, but if you’re already considering using fluoride toothpaste, you can understand

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cavities on teeth

Getting Cavities In Your Teeth

Do you sometimes wonder how you form cavities in your teeth? The bottom line is that cavities will form if you do not look after your teeth properly. Let’s explain further. A strong oral routine is pivotal in keeping your teeth and gums strong for the long term. This is something that the dentist emphasizes

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