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Brushing Your Gum Line Is Important

There is a certain method to follow when it comes to brushing. When you visit the dentist and ask for recommendations, the key tip they’ll point out is to brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle so the bristles touch the gum line.

Why is this important? Well, whilst it is important to brush your teeth every day, this should also include brushing your gum line. The bacteria in the mouth can penetrate inside the mouth. This just doesn’t include bacteria on your teeth, it also includes your gum line as well.

The gum line is also susceptible to the build-up of harmful dental plaque bacteria. It is important that you brush away plaque from the gum line as well as your teeth for strong oral health.

You can read here to pick up on the most effective brushing method for strong results for your teeth and gums. Let’s take a look at why brushing your gum line is just as important.


Reduces Halitosis (Bad Breath)

Professional dental cleanings involve the hygienist cleaning your teeth but also ensuring healthy gums. Healthy gums reduce halitosis (bad breath) in the mouth because the odour stems from built-up bacteria. Brushing your gum line and teeth will ensure this is reduced.

Reduces Chances Of Gum Disease

The higher the bacteria build-up, the higher the chances of gum disease. Bacteria will build-up if you do not keep your gums clean. The worst thing is your gums will recede, meaning the pockets will open up for bacteria to penetrate inside the bloodstream.

Heart Health

Severe gum disease can also increase inflammation levels throughout your entire body. Research finds that inflammation is linked to stroke and cardiovascular disease. Keeping your gums clean significantly reduces the chances of this from happening.


Eat The Right Foods

With routine brushing, eating the right foods that fight bacteria is also important. Instead of eating sugar and starch, replace them with calcium and phosphate foods, such as:

  • Ginger
  • Apple
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese and yoghurt)
  • Fibre (spinach, celery and other leafy vegetables)

Keeping your mouth clean also involves brushing your gum line teeth as well as your teeth. Hence, follow the correct brushing method so the bacteria can be picked up by your toothbrush for a clean and healthy mouth.

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