Emergency Dental Service

Dental Emergency

What Is A Dental Emergency?

As soon as you sense a sensation in your mouth, you become anxious. The discomfort worsens until it’s severe. Naturally, you want to figure out what’s causing it. Emergency dentistry comprises a variety of factors. As a result, emergency dentistry requires a visit to the dental practice since the dentist will be able to detect

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handle a dental emergency

How To Handle A Dental Emergency

If you’ve recently had a dental accident and experiencing a state of panic, let’s help you take a step back. There are many ways to handle a dental emergency to lower any potential risks to your oral health.  Accidents can naturally happen, even if you’ve strong oral health. What is equally important is making sure

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a picture of dry socket

What Exactly Is A Dry Socket?

A dry socket occurs when you begin to feel throbbing pain for a few days after tooth extraction treatment. This is an indication that tooth extraction healing has been disrupted. So, what is a dry socket? It’s a condition where your jawbone has suffered from inflammation after tooth extraction treatment. The underlying nerves have become

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Tooth extraction in bendigo

Consumption of Smoking and Alcohol

It is no secret that the consumption of alcohol and smoking is dangerous for your overall health. It can not only cause complications to your overall body functioning but also it can cause complications to your teeth and gums. By simply quitting smoking and alcohol, you can reduce the level of risk to your oral

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