Dental Crowns Near Me in Bendigo

Restore your smile to its natural state and wear a full set of teeth with dental bridges and crowns

Limit the spread of infection to your neighbouring teeth

Protect the tooth from further damage

Improve the look of your oral appearance in no time

Crowns protect the tooth from tooth extraction or root canal treatment

Limiting any tooth decay

Restoring natural mouth function

Maintaining your facial appearance and structure

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Dental Crowns & Bridges at Bendigo Dental


It is never easy to showcase a smile with one or more missing teeth.

It makes you feel low, unattractive and less confident. Linking the gap with dental crowns and bridges helps deliver restorations for a full set. At Bendigo dental VIC, it’s time to consider dental crowns or bridges, and our helpful and exceptional Bendigo dentists will advise the most appropriate form of restorative dentistry treatment.

With exceptional dental care at Bendigo Dental, the Bendigo dentists are proficient in saving your shine with dental crowns and bridges dentistry that will reinstate the good feeling back to your teeth and restore natural function.

Dental Bridges At Bendigo Dentist

Dental bridges consist of filling the gap between one or more missing teeth. Bridges are perfect if there are gaps on either side of a tooth. The dentist will provide dental care for the gap by applying an artificial tooth that is joined against the abutment teeth made of porcelain material to blend with the look of your teeth.

Bridges rely on your abutment teeth, which the dentist files into an appropriate shape to fit the bridge. The Bendigo dentist applies impressions for perfect fit and to determine the size, shape, and fitting of the bridge. Dental cement is then used to fix the bridge against the abutment teeth. The dentist then tests your bite to ensure the bridge appropriately fits comfortably as you bite down.

Like dental crowns, dental bridges aim to restore your full set. There are a variety of dental bridge options that your dentist will recommend depending on the needs of your mouth:

Implant-Supported Bridges

Implant-Supported Bridges helps to replace several rowed teeth without gaining support from your neighboured teeth to anchor.

Traditional Bridges

Traditional bridges consist of a prosthetic replacement bridged through gaps within your mouth.

Maryland Bridges

Supporting both sides of a tooth with a filling, held in place with a mental framework.

The variety of dental crown and dental bridge dentistry treatments available all have a single thing in common, to restore your shine and appearance. Depending on the state of your teeth, the Bendigo dentist will recommend the most appropriated dentistry treatment to reinstate your full set. Single or multiple replacements are available. Rest assured, they will stay healthy and strong with an improved look, with straight alignment and bite.

Dental Crowns Bendigo Dentist

Dental crowns are beneficial if you’re experiencing wear-and-tear issues. Chips and cracks may be visible when you smile, but a dental crown at Bendigo will provide cover for those concerns to help you smile confidently in no time.

Leaving visible gaps can lead to teeth shifting out of position and promote malocclusion. A dental crown is a restorative dentistry procedure performed by the dentist known as a dental cap that protects the tooth or dental implant. Dental crowns are necessary if the threat of cavities begins to affect the health of the tooth. Crowns are also useful in strengthening and improving the appearance of the tooth.

The Bendigo dentist will examine current teeth to construct crowns appropriately. Temporary crowns are usually fitted whilst permanent crowns are prepared. An impression of the dental crown’s fit is administered to ensure the correct shape is formed around your tooth. With dental cement, the Bendigo dentist fixes crowns in place for a smooth and straight bite to improve oral health.

The following scenarios dictate the need for a dental crown:

  • Where large cavities are difficult to fill
  • Instances of a missing tooth where a dental bridge is required
  • Coverage and concern with a dental implant
  • Suffering from wear-and-tear issues through niggling cracks and chips
  • Repair and save the tooth with root canal treatment
  • Restoring your aesthetic look away from cosmetic concerns such as discolouration or bad shaping

Restore your bite and begin your smile transformation with our Bendigo dentists today!

Schedule an appointment online with a Bendigo dentist or call us at Integrated Smiles. Be prepared for an unforgettable dental experience with Dentist Bendigo VIC!

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