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Dental Checkup with bendigo Dentist

Are you suffering from poor oral health or just looking for a regular dentist?

It’s time to change your oral health habits before something serious occurs with your oral health. Regular dental check-up and clean appointments at dentists Bendigo are important to keep your teeth shiny and clean.

At Bendigo, our comprehensive check-up and clean service are designed to remove stubborn stains, plaque or tartar on your teeth that could potentially lead to developing bacteria, cavity or periodontal disease. Most importantly, it keeps your shine brighter for longer.

The experienced Bendigo Dental team doesn’t simply care about your teeth on the dental chair, but also about how you look after them at home too. Our experienced and knowledgeable hygienists will recommend and advise on dental hygiene tips so you can keep that shine on your teeth.

Your Check-up And Clean Procedure At Integrated Smiles Bendigo Dentist

As part of our core values at Integrated Smiles Bendigo dentist, we are always honest with our patients on the state of their teeth.

Our preventative dentistry services strategy is catered to making sure your teeth stay as healthy as possible.

Our scale-and-polish procedure is completed through four easy steps.

An aftercare plan will be recommended by the hygienist & dentist so that your teeth can be looked after at home for optimum oral health

Our Hygiene Tips For You

Depending on the results of your check-up and clean appointment, we will advise on appropriate hygiene tips to keep your teeth shiny away from the clinic.

Here are some regular tips to follow:

Brush and floss your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.
Floss or rinse your mouth after a heavy meal containing chewy solids to remove debris in the surrounding areas of the mouth
Reduce sugar consumption through sweets or soft drinks to stop your teeth from degrading.
Eat foods that are rich in calcium and fibre to keep teeth strong and healthy.
Reduce intake of alcohol and smoking products.
Are you looking for a scale-and-polish to restore that missing shine in your teeth? Begin your smile transformation with our Bendigo dentists today!

Schedule an appointment online with a Bendigo dentist or call us at Integrated Smiles dentist Bendigo VIC.

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