Discovery Science & Technology Centre

Considering a trip to Bendigo, VIC Australia? If so, you might want to visit the Discovery Science & Technology Centre. It is at around a distance of 4 minutes from our Bendigo dental clinic. Located at 7 Railway Pl, Bendigo VIC 3550, Australia. The museum features over 100 hands-on exhibits that will keep you engaged and entertained.

If you’re looking for something more family-friendly, the Bendigo Military Museum is a great place to start. Open to the public, the museum was recently renovated and extended. Nearby, the Bendigo Military Park offers a picturesque backdrop for strolls. The tulip garden is especially pretty in spring. The Woollen Mills Factory Shop sells famous yarn in every colour of the rainbow.

The Discovery Science & Technology Centre Bendigo is housed in a historic railway goods building and is open to the public during most hours. Admission is free, but donations are welcome. During the day, visitors can enjoy three hands-on science exhibits and a planetarium show. The museum is open daily, except Mondays, and welcomes people of all ages. Whether you want to learn about the world around you or explore its fascinating history, you’ll be sure to enjoy a day at this place. A great post

The Golden Dragon Museum is another must-see in the area. It opened in 1991 and was dedicated to the preservation of the Chinese connection to Australia. The museum features between 1,000 and 3,000 exhibits at a time. The collection is made up of about 30,000 objects. If you’re planning a trip to Bendigo, be sure to check out the Golden Dragon Museum. There, you’ll find an extensive collection of artifacts, memorabilia, and processional regalia. You’ll find six dragons, including the Loong dragon. The Loong dragon is reputed to be the world’s oldest imperial dragon, but it has not been used since 1970 and is estimated to be 110 years old.

During the school holidays, Discovery World hosts the ‘Kaleidoscope’ area, a separate area for children aged eight and under. These exhibits are less challenging for younger kids and are more gentle in nature. Admission includes a planetarium, a dark room with a ceiling projector and beanbag-like seats for viewing the show. Planetarium shows are held daily at 1:30pm and feature a new theme each school holiday period.

A trip to Bendigo wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Chancery Lane. Its historic buildings are lined with murals that change frequently. Chancery Lane also houses the Dispensary Bar & Diner, a beer and cocktail bible. Located on Chancery Lane, the Dispensary Bar & Diner features an extensive menu of craft beers, cocktails, and gins.

A Discovery sleepover is easy to arrange and compliments school excursions in Bendigo. Guests will enjoy a full breakfast, dinner, and unique sleeping arrangements. Upon arrival, families can enjoy activities, games, and snacks. The Discovery Science & Technology Centre in Bendigo is just a short walk away. It is also close to Castlemaine Art Museum and the Castlemaine Arts Precinct.

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