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Do Mouthguards Help With Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea not only affects the quality of your sleep, but it also affects the quality of your oral health as well. Sleep apnea occurs when you sleep with your mouth open at night, with staggered breathing and experiencing dry mouth when you wake up. You lack saliva, which is vital to fight off any germs in your mouth.

If you’re a loud frequent snorer by habit, there is a method that reduces sleep apnea experiences. A custom mouthguard has helped to be an effective form of treatment amongst many clinical studies.

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How Does A Mouthguard Help?

A custom mouthguard is devised by the dentist which is intended to deliver more comfort during sleep. With a custom mouthguard, the lower jaw is repositioned to allow a larger airway to make way for smoother breathing. Mouthguards help keep the tongue in place to prevent it from falling back when sleeping. This causes the airways to obstruct. Instead of using CPAP therapy, which requires you to place a mask and use a machine to allow for smoother breathing, a mouthguard is comfortable. It performs the same treatment and is more effective.

The Benefits

Here are some benefits of a dental mouthguard and how it helps with sleep apnea:

  1. Adjustable – Custom mouthguards adjust to fit in your mouth comfortably. Using a mould of your jaw, the dentist creates the custom mouthguard, so it fits comfortably and tight in the mouth when in use. The jaw is relieved of any pressure from grinding teeth.
  2. Affordable Form of Treatment – A mouthguard is highly affordable compared to CPAP therapy. Most dental mouthguards cost in the region of $100 which is reasonable to deliver all of the mouthguard’s benefits.
  3. Easy To Carry – With sleep apnea devices, they have to be carried anywhere you go. A mouthguard is more portable because it is lightweight and small. Especially if you travel a lot, placing a mouthguard to get a comfortable night’s sleep has never been easier.
  4. No Sleep Interruptions – Sleep apnea interrupts sleep to reopen the airway by holding the breath for 2 or 3 seconds before releasing a choking sound, before breathing normally again. A mouthguard will move the jaw outward slightly to keep airways open at all times for smoother breathing.

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If you’re worried about suffering from sleep apnea and are unsure how to stop it, book an appointment with Integrated Smiles today. We will recommend the best treatments to make you get a comfortable nights sleep whilst protecting oral health. Contact our experienced Bendigo dentists or any ueries and guidance.


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