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Oral pain is damaging to your oral health. Consult the dentist in Bendigo experienced in handling immediate dental emergencies

Immediate diagnosis of your current condition

Capturing the concern early limiting chances of spreading bacteria or infection

Immediate pain-relief and trauma

Increase the chance of a happier and healthy smile

Are you looking for a solution to your dental pain? Receive same-day immediate dental care and preserve your oral health.

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Your Trusted Emergency Dentist Bendigo

Oral pain can be a stressful and worrying experience.

Pain can stem from broken or lost teeth, severe decay, toothaches or infections, and we understand the discomfort from oral pain. Dental traumas can be terrifying, but help is around the corner with emergency dental Bendigo services with our helpful Bendigo dental team. The Bendigo dentist can provide same-day dental services to protect patients’ teeth from further damage.

A dental emergency can arise from anywhere, and being unaware of the concern is another stress that you can do without. With our emergency Bendigo dental services, the caring dentist is prepared to instantly relieve patients from oral pain and transform the health of your mouth with dental treatment at the emergency dentist Bendigo.

Whilst there are short-term pain relief measures you can take, this is at greater risk to patients’ long-term oral health. Injuries can occur at any time and the advantage of being seen to early prevents future expensive treatment.

If you’ve been asking yourself to find the “best emergency dentist near me?”, then check yourself in with our Bendigo dental team for emergency dental services today!

Why You May Need An Emergency Dentist

At Integrated Smiles Dentists Bendigo, not all dental problems require you to seek emergency dental care. Some concerns can be treated at home through effective remedies.

However, any kind of concern you have with your oral health should also be a concern for the dentist. Whilst some cases can be resolved with simple oral hygiene remedies, others require dentistry treatment.

There could be many reasons for visiting the dentist immediately during an emergency:

Immediate Pain Relief

The longer you wait for immediate dental care, the more prolonged damage to your oral health.

Immediate Preventive Care

Limit the dangers of an abscess spreading to your mouth. Broken and decayed teeth and toothache are more serious threats to your oral health.

Save Your Natural Tooth

Saving your tooth with a root canal instead of extraction keeps your jawbone and facial structure strong.

Where an appointment becomes available, a dentist will immediately conduct a medical examination of the gums and mouth to identify the dental concern, before administering dental emergency treatment.

Immediate appointments may not necessarily be available at the time you need it.

Rest assured, help is always available through advice and recommendations to limit any pain you experience.

Dental Emergencies That May Require Immediate Assistance

Our caring and helpful dentists at Bendigo are ready to support you with fast and efficient emergency dental care. After addressing your dental concern, our dentists will provide treatment recommendations or hygiene tips to help preserve your dental and oral health for the long-term. 

Dental emergencies are typically classed as one of the following:

  • Teeth that become severely decayed, fractured or broken unexpectedly.
  • Wisdom teeth that have become inflamed.
  • Damage to the soft-tissue.
  • Suffering from gum abscesses.
  • Facial or jaw injury and pain .
  • Severe toothaches or pain.
  • Suffering from bleeding gums and periodontal disease.
  • A missing or lost tooth.
  • Loose fillings.

It is recommended that you contact our exceptional Bendigo dentistry professionals and explain your dental concern, so they can prepare for your arrival before your dental emergency appointment.

Our emergency services are freely available throughout the day, and whilst an immediate appointment may not always be available, we promise to assist you with your concern immediately to give you the best chance of pain relief.

Upon availability, immediate dental treatment will be immediately administered if necessary.

Are you looking for a trusted dental emergency dentistry clinic for your dental pain?

Schedule an appointment online or contact us via phone at Integrated Smiles. Phone us and begin your dental treatment today!

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