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Save Your Decayed Tooth With Restoration Dentistry Treatment. Check Yourself In For Root Canal Treatment With Integrated Smiles.

Saves the remains of your natural teeth

Prevents the jawbone from degenerating

Restore confidence in your smile

Reduces the threat of infection or bacteria spreading to neighbouring teeth

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Your Trusted Root Canal Dentists

If you’re suffering from a severely damaged or decayed tooth, it is important that patients consult Integrated Smiles Bendigo dentist as soon as possible for root canal treatment.

A decayed or damaged tooth opens the opportunity for infection, severely damaging your oral health.

At Bendigo, our aim with root canal treatment is to save as much of the decayed tooth as possible.

Root canals are typically less painful compared to extraction and also preserves infection spreading from all of your teeth.

The Root Canal Procedure at Integrated Smiles Dental Bendigo

Without immediate endodontics, the tooth’s pulp will spread to your healthy neighbour teeth, heightening the danger of multiple teeth being removed.

Our experienced and helpful Bendigo dental team at Integrated Smiles Bendigo deliver painless and smooth root canal therapy typically within two appointments. Upon root canal procedures, the Bendigo dentist needs to understand the root cause of the pain and the severity of the damage.

Root canal treatment is completed with the following steps:

After root canal treatment is complete, the crown will take some time to settle and therefore, it is important you allow for some rest immediately after root canal treatment.

Consult our exceptional Bendigo dentists at Integrated Smiles Bendigo on aftercare tips after root canal treatment.

Why Should You Consider Root Canal?

Apart from halting the spread of infection, there are many other reasons why saving your natural tooth with root canal dentistry is the best decision instead of teeth being removed. In this instance, you could experience trauma and severe pain.

Saving Your Tooth Is Safer

Root canal treatment preserves a natural tooth and would prevent bacteria from forming. Your mouth and jaw structure are preserved to allow you to continue to chew normally.

Keep Your Natural Teeth In Shape and In Position

If you choose to extract your teeth, you heighten the change of your neighboured teeth becoming affected. Removal of teeth may lead to shifting tooth for other restorative dentistry treatments such as Implants, leading to misalignment and limit mouth activity including chewing and speaking.

Limiting Dangers Of Abscess

A pocket of pus in the middle of the tooth. This commonly results in a bacterial infection known as a dental abscess spread around the tooth root. You could also experience swelling. Root canal treatment removes the central diseased tissue and drains the abscess.
Looking to restore your broken or decayed tooth? Preserve your natural smile with root canal treatment and endodontics. Begin your smile transformation today!

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