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Five Secrets For A Whiter Smile

A healthy and shiny smile says a lot about you and your appearance, but sometimes, it can be difficult to unlock those pearly whites to show off a whiter smile. Dentistry has become so advanced that there are many available treatments to choose from, but it can be difficult to know where to start.

The vast amount of information available in every corner also makes it difficult to understand what’s true or false. You want to ensure that you look after your teeth by performing treatments that are safe. There are a variety of smile makeover treatments available as well that you might consider.

But, what could be those hidden secrets that can unlock those pores for a whiter smile? Below are five secrets we’ve picked out. These secrets are considered safe to perform so that you can unlock those smiling pores quickly.


#Secret 1 – Stop Drinking Sodas and Coffee

It is no secret that drinks containing sugar content can damage your teeth. Sodas such as cola can make your teeth turn yellow over time due to its acidic and chromogen content. Even sodas that contain citrus, lemon and lime flavours contain acids that attack the dentin underneath the enamel. If you add coffee to that, stains will form on your teeth because your enamel is demineralizing itself.

#Secret 2 – Toothpaste With Baking Soda

You can either mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water together and apply it to your teeth or consider brushing teeth with toothpaste that contains baking soda. Baking soda is good for whitening your teeth because it is mildly abrasive, meaning it aims to remove surface stains off your teeth. It is alkaline as well, meaning its enamel-friendly and can slow lift those stains for a whiter smile.

#Secret 3 – In-Office Dental Whitening

There is no safer secret to share than visiting the dentist for in-office dental whitening. The dentist has access to a special whitening gel that can immediately remove surface stains and show off a new shiny smile makeover.

#Secret 4 – Do Not Smoke

The last thing you want to do to your teeth is damaging them through smoking. It is much harder to unlock that shine to your smile if you smoke. Tobacco contained in cigarettes stain teeth and cause general health problems. Another side effect of smoking is dry mouth, a condition that means your saliva production is low. This can cause plaque to build inside the teeth, which spells danger to your smile.

#Secret 5 – Advice From The Dentist

Never underestimate how important advice from the dentist or your hygienist is. Their knowledge can prove very helpful to meet your oral health needs. If you’re seeking advice on how to keep your teeth clean, there is no better place than the dentist. There are many reasons why visiting your hygienist is important. This begs to the question, are you visiting your dental hygienist enough?

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There are many other secrets that have been uncovered by research in recent years. Although, it is important that the secrets uncovered do not introduce any side effects or long-term damage to your teeth. You may have heard secrets such as trying oil pulling, whitening strips and gels and whitening kits at home. What is important here is to first determine whether research indicates if these are safe to perform. Research hasn’t confirmed its safety yet and, therefore, these can potentially become dangerous to use. These five secrets are simple yet so effective in keeping your teeth clean and make those pearly whites shine.

Are you seeking to restore the missing shine in your smile? Integrated Smiles are ready to unlock those whitening pores so you can show off those pearly whites. Click to book an appointment with us today!


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