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How Often Should You Visit Your Dentist?

Everyone takes care of their teeth at home, and technically, by brushing three times a day and flossing, you can prevent many oral diseases.

However, this alone is not enough.

A step you should follow to avoid major oral problems is to visit the dentist periodically.

But how often is the right thing to do? Will it be several times or just once a year? What does it depend on? 

Today we will explain a little more about when and in the situations that you should go to visit your specialist.

Dental visits

Although people know you should go to the dentist regularly, most of the population does not go with the recommended frequency.

People usually go almost always when they already have a developed dental problem. That is, they attend when there is no other solution.

Although dentists have the training to solve urgent problems in the oral cavity, this is not their principal function. 

When will you go to the dentist’s?

In general, we must change the mentality of going to the dentist when we feel pain.

The general recommendation is to go once a year, but there are still some other factors to consider.

For example, if you smoke or do not take care of your diet by consuming many sugary foods, you will have to attend more times to check your teeth.

If you have also suffered from a chronic disease or are pregnant, you have to increase the care of the dental structure and visit the specialist more often.

Other signs that indicate that you should see a dentist quickly:

  • If you see a change in the colour of the teeth, you should go to the dentist as this may be a sign of the presence of cavities.
  • If dental pain occurs, accompanied by inflammation, we suggest seeing a specialist immediately since it may be a symptom of infection or deep caries.
  • If a person has recently undergone hormonal changes, their oral health may also be affected. In the case of pregnant women or the period of menopause, we recommend your dentist soon.
  • In the event of a bad taste in the mouth or white spots on our tongue, you should take care of it quickly, as this could indicate something is not working right.
  • If sores or mouth ulcers appear, we may be facing a complex oral pathology. Treating it on time can lead to a better prognosis.

Final Recommendations

When talking about health issues, prevention is essential. In the case of oral health, the advantages of going to the dentist frequently are diverse.

In principle, there is a substantial economic advantage since the price of a visit for a routine evaluation is much less than the cost of treating advanced cavities.

Also, the dentist could detect other serious diseases and treat them properly. 

Remember to get an appointment with your dentist to define the frequency you need to take proper care of your teeth.

Do not wait until it is too late!  


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