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Impact Of Crooked Teeth To Oral Health

A key reason why people accept the state of their teeth is because they’re too ashamed to show them to the public. Teeth then stay hidden because they’re embarrassed with their appearance when they smile.

This is clearly acceptable in the past, but modern dentistry has now evolved significantly. This means there are cosmetic treatments available to restore a straight, shiny smile that you originally didn’t think was possible.

Crooked teeth are very common, and you shouldn’t always think it’s a bad thing. Ultimately, you need to be comfortable with your smile. If you’re no longer comfortable with how your teeth look, you can now have them realigned with cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Crooked teeth can also have an impact on your oral health. It is important for you to understand these impacts so you make the first steps to improve your smile.

Read the impacts of crooked teeth below.

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Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the process of your teeth becoming damaged caused by dental plaque that turns combined sugar and bacteria into acid to attack the teeth. Dental plaque is a sticky substance that is formed from food debris stuck on teeth. Crooked teeth can cause food to become stuck, making it difficult for your soft-bristle brush and flossing film to catch the debris from the tooth. This keeps food debris stuck, causing plaque to build.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is common ratification for crooked teeth. When harmful bacteria accumulate within the spaces of your teeth, gum diseases can progress to introduce gum inflammation and swelling. Brushing teeth can make the gums more irritated and more inflamed.

Damage From Chewing

When the lower jaw overlaps the upper jaw, this can cause teeth to protrude, significantly leaving wear and tear on your teeth. This can damage your smile and you’re more likely to fork out for expensive cosmetic treatment.

Bad Breath

Crooked teeth cause food debris to become trapped, causing a bad odour in the mouth that attributes to bad breath. Bad breath is caused by lingering bacteria, triggered by food debris that remains inside your mouth. Straightening your teeth allows you to brush and floss properly, floss within the gaps and keep your mouth clean.

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Reduced Confidence

When you look at your teeth in the morning when you brush and floss, your confidence is likely to take a significant hit. A better-looking smile increases your self-esteem as well, reducing stress, improving cognitive ability all whilst feeling more happier within yourself, causing you to smile more.

A clear solution to crooked teeth is now available within modern dentistry. With Invisalign braces, it is an easy and transparent way to get your teeth straightened with low maintenance and a host of health benefits. Straight teeth make it simpler to brush and floss your teeth, keeping your mouth away from adverse oral health diseases. Learn why straight teeth matter.

Are you seeking straight, shiny teeth? Contact us and check yourself in for Invisalign treatment by experienced Bendigo Dentists at Integrated Smiles today!


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