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Is Dental Cleaning At Dentistry Safe?

Regular visits to the dentist for clean teeth are considered a fundamental step as part of a strong oral hygiene routine. Now, sometimes you may think that brushing your teeth at home is enough to keep your teeth clean and white at home. You may consider purchasing teeth whitening kits from your local drug store to restore the shine in your teeth.

Anything to keep away from the dentist, right? Many people are anxious when it comes to visiting the dentist, likely to be due to a fear of judgement if their oral health isn’t very strong. Another concern for people is not being sure whether dental cleaning is safe. 

Although, did you know that the more you avoid visiting the dentist, the more harm this can do to your smile?

There are many benefits to a dental cleaning appointment at the dentist, and one of the benefits is that cleaning teeth treatments are safe and ultra-safe!

What Is Dental Cleaning?

A standard dental cleaning involves cleaning all contours of your teeth that are above the gumline. This is the same procedure for deep dental cleaning, but the dentist performs a clean below the gum line where plaque and tartar build-up in the gum pockets.

These are signs of gum disease, and a deep dental cleaning would be required. This would require multiple visits to the dentist to perform scaling and root planning treatment, which forms part of cleaning and reattaching the gums and keeping your teeth clean and white. 

Why Is Dental Cleaning Necessary?

The dentist will recommend dental cleaning so that your teeth and gums overall remain healthy. If dental plaque and tartar continue to build on your teeth and gums, this can lead to gum disease and tooth decay, and this can prove to be irreversible if the damage is severe. Therefore, dental cleaning can help remove bacterial deposits to maintain the strong structure of your mouth. Teeth will become loose and fall out if decay continues to penetrate.

Can Dental Cleaning Damage My Enamel?

The straight answer to this is no. Dental cleanings cannot damage your enamel. The dental cleaning procedure is designed to remove plaque and tartar on the teeth and underneath the gums. What can damage your enamel, however, is vigorous brushing of your teeth at home. If you’re noticing stains or damage to your smile, it’s natural to brush your teeth just that little bit harder to remove these deposits for whiter teeth. This can damage your enamel.

When visiting the dental practice, the dentist is a knowledgeable professional and uses safe and effective equipment for a quality clean. 

Will I Experience Any Pain With Dental Cleaning?

Like any treatment, there is likely to be some form of sensitivity and soreness shortly after cleaning teeth treatment. Therefore, until the sensitivity disappears, the dentist would highly recommend that you avoid strenuous activity to rest. This also includes reducing your mouth functioning, such as biting and chewing on solid foods. Lean towards a softer diet until your gums are stronger again. The dentist is also likely to provide you with aftercare tips after dental cleaning if necessary. 

It is highly recommended that you consult your dentist should you have any concerns regarding cleaning teeth at the dentist. However, it is promised that dental cleaning treatment is safe and effective to return the shiny smile you’ve always wanted!

Consult your dentist for your cleaning teeth appointment now!


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