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Is it a Dental Emergency? How to Tell and What to Do

Sometimes, we face a situation where we don’t have a plan for the call for immediate action. If we have a sudden problem with our teeth, jaw, or gums, it can be a dental emergency. Although several dental emergencies involve swelling, pain, or bleedings, a loose or broken tooth can sometimes become a problem. It could be a trauma or an accident, or its symptoms start slowly and build up over time.

In a dental emergency, the dentist is the first person you need to call. Read more to understand what is a dental emergency, what cannot be a dental emergency and how to avoid one.

How to Determine if You Have a Real Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency occurs just like any other type of emergency, but luckily the majority of dentists have emergency dental services. The dental emergency depends on the kind of emergency, but it is essential to call the dentist immediately if you are experiencing one. The following are some of the common dental emergencies.

  • A Chipped or a Cracked Tooth
  • Extreme Toothache
  • Damage in the Soft Tissue
  • A Knocked-out or a Loose Tooth
  • A Lost Dental Restoration

These are common dental emergencies, and dentists with high skills can treat such problems. As an emergency can happen at any time, it is better to be prepared and not panic. The best way is to keep a small dental first aid kid with gauze, a handkerchief, a small container with a lid, and the contact number of the dentist.

What is Not a Dental Emergency?

If you are re-cementing a crown that is not causing you any pain, your chipped tooth is smooth, and the dentist is repairing your tooth with composite bonding, these are not dental emergencies. Usually, the dentist can deal with such problems during regular office times.

In case you are not entirely sure whether or not you have a true dental emergency, you need to look at the symptoms like bleeding from your mouth, a loose tooth, severe pain, swelling in your mouth, or you have any knots in the gums. If you answer yes, you have a dental emergency & need to see a dentist as soon as possible. On the other hand, if you have pain caused by hot foods or beverages, it cannot be a dental emergency.

Sometimes, you can have sensitivity to cold, and it can cause pain when you breathe in air. You must avoid cold foods and beverages and contact the dentist for this. It is better to wait and schedule an appointment with the dentist in numerous circumstances.

How Can We Avoid a Dental Emergency?

It is possible to avoid different types of dental emergencies by routine checkups with the dentist to ensure your teeth are strong and healthy. Using a mouth guard can prevent your tooth from being knocked out, broken, or chipped during any sports activities. Other than that, avoiding hard foods or ice that can fracture your teeth is better.

If you have a travel plan, it is better to go for a routine checkup before leaving. Your dentist will ensure you don’t have any loose teeth or crowns and decay close to the nerve that may cause any problems. So, the dentist can quickly fix all these problems before they become a dental emergency.

Emergency Dental Care in Bendigo, VIC, Australia

It can be pretty painful and stressful to have a dental emergency. If you are experiencing such an emergency, Integrated Smiles is there to assist you. We will be happy to guide you if you call us and speak to our dental team if you are still determining whether you are experiencing a true emergency. When you contact us, you can expect us to solve the problem comfortably and with minimum stress.

Whether you visit us for an emergency or routine dental care, Integrated Smiles is there to help you and provide all the support.


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