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Is My Mouth Healing From Tooth Extraction?

If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, the chances are that the tooth would need to be extracted. Any decayed tooth puts your oral health in danger, but our dentists are well equipped to safely remove the damaged or decayed tooth without impacting other teeth.

If you’ve recently had tooth extraction treatment, you want to ensure that your oral health is preserved by ensuring the healing process is smooth, secure and safe. You need to be careful about your healing carefully because healing from tooth extraction comes in a variety of stages. If healing isn’t performed properly, you’re at risk of infection and a dry socket.

Understanding Proper Healing From Tooth Extraction

To determine if your gums have healed safely, let’s have a look at the multiple stages of healing from tooth extraction.

  • Stage 1: Minor Bleeding & Swelling – Recovery begins peaking once you’ve experienced some minor bleeding and swelling in the affected area. This is the process of the blood clot beginning to form. Swelling should last for a maximum of 48 hours before gradually reducing.
  • Stage 2: Forming Of The Blood Clot – As you recover, the blood clot begins to form within 48 hours. The clot is formed at the gum line in the open socket. The blood clot is a web red scab that eventually becomes smaller during healing. The blood clot is delicate, and it is important that you avoid touching the socket area to avoid dislodging it.
  • Stage 3: Healing Gums – As part of your recovery, the gum tissue will begin to heal and close around the extraction site. This spot will still be sensitive and susceptible to bleeding, so it is important that you don’t touch the site.
  • Stage 4: The Extraction Site Is Closed – This is classed as the final healing stage, where the opening of the extracted area is closed. The pain should be subsided and there shouldn’t be any signs of swelling.

Don’t Forget This…

When it comes to healing from tooth extraction, it roughly takes a week or so for a full recovery. It is recommended that you avoid brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth for the first 24 hours so that the recovery is smoother. Touching the extraction site will slow healing down. Should you need to drink something, then take small sips of water but avoid swishing. Also, do not eat any solids. Consider softer foods such as boiled potato, vegetables and soup for the first few days.

If you’re seeking support with your healing process, or you’ve damaged teeth that need emergency assistance, contact our Bendigo Dental Team at Integrated Smiles now.


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