Long Gully Splash Park

Long Gully Splash Park Bendigo is a water park located in the city of Bendigo, Victoria. It is at around a distance of 7 minutes from our Bendigo dental clinic. The park is a great option for families with children of all ages. It is open from mid-November to the last Sunday in March. There are details about reopening times for each season on the official website. It is closed on Christmas Day. Further information will be provided as the season approaches. Its address is 14-38 Creeth St, Long Gully VIC 3550.

While in Bendigo, you should not miss visiting the historic town of Glenrowan. Set on the banks of the Murray River, this region is a prime tourist destination. The city is an hour’s flight or a six-hour drive from Melbourne. If you’re traveling with kids, it is an ideal base for an Australian adventure. The town of Glenrowan has a variety of things to do for family members and guests.

The city’s past has shaped its present image. Until the early twentieth century, gold mining dominated the region’s image. Mining, which began in 1865, was a major industry in Bendigo. It produced gold, but it was not profitable. The dust and mullock heaps became an eyesore and were not good for health. In response, the town developed an outdoor recreation area and turned a camp reserve into Rosalind Park and a botanic garden. This city also grew in gold; it has been referred to as the “Forest City” since 1890. A great post

Another great place to spend time with your family is Bendigo’s botanical gardens. The botanical gardens feature garden beds, novel sections, pavilions, and a playground. While the playground does not have shade, the water park is free and will keep your kids entertained all day long. You can also enjoy a picnic at Whipstick Forest or visit one of the nearby towns. A day at the park is just as enjoyable when it is at the Botanic Gardens.

Another popular outdoor activity in Bendigo is the Long Gully Splash Park. This zero depth water park was once grassy woodland, with big River Red Gums lining a creek. Native Australians used this area for swimming. The park was redeveloped in 2000 and now offers a great play area, a playground, and additional all-season play areas. The water in the park is solar heated and treated and features a ‘gold rush’ theme. There are 16 different cycles for your children to enjoy, each lasting about 4 minutes.

Another great place to bring your family is the Lake Weeroona. This man-made lake was created in the 1870s to hide an old mining site. There is a 1.5km flat walking path surrounding the lake. Dogs are welcome inside the cottage if kept on a leash. A dog-friendly option is the Boardwalk Bendigo Cafe. If you’re visiting Bendigo, take your dog along with you to the park. For families with young children, Long Gully Splash Park is a good option. The Gurri Wanyarra Wellbeing Centre has an indoor version, and both are fun options for families. Both indoor and outdoor swimming pools have toddler and intermediate pools. The outdoor pools are only open for a short time, though; some even close early in the season. Lastly, the Discovery Science and Technology Centre in Bendigo is another fun option.

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