Tooth Extraction Near Me in Bendigo

Infected And Damaged Teeth Can Be Detrimental To Long-Term Oral Health. Contact Integrated Smiles For Tooth Extraction Treatment.

Saving the natural tooth

Preserving jaw bone strength

No artificial replacement required

Opportunity for natural resolutions such as dental implants

Tooth extraction in bendigo

Suffering from decay or a severely damaged tooth can come from a multitude of reasons such as poor oral hygiene, a physical accident, or tooth trauma.

This can lead to a serious infection in your mouth and, if not seen too early can lead to an abscess or periodontal disease as time goes on.

Where it is difficult to save any healthy remains of your teeth, tooth extraction will be considered. Our knowledge and friendly Bendigo dentists will always look to save as much of the natural tooth as possible and consider tooth extraction treatment as a last resort.

The dentist will perform an x-ray to assess the damage before deciding on the next steps.

Losing a tooth can lead to inadvertent oral health effects. Whilst nobody likes to lose a tooth, catching the problem early and completing tooth extraction treatment will lead to more benefits to your oral health.

Reasons For Tooth Extraction Treatment

Oral health consists of healthy and strong teeth, correct malfunctioning of the mouth, and healthy gums. Where a tooth is causing oral damage and needs removing, the risks of these concerns grow.

We explain other reasons on when you should consider tooth extraction treatment:

Misaligned and Crowded Teeth

If your teeth are crowded, this can lead to abnormal bite when you bite down food, risking further damage to the edges of your teeth and smile. Teeth may be pulled out to allow for correct alignment.

Risk of Infection

Tooth damage or decay could extend to the pulp connected to nerves and tissue. Infection can worsen if bacteria enters the pulp. This will be halted with tooth extraction treatment.

Preserving The Aesthetic Look

Some teeth may look out of place in your smile, leading to low confidence and self-esteem. Tooth extraction can be administered to restore a straight smile.

The Tooth Extraction Procedure At Integrated Smiles Dentist Bendigo

You will experience stiffness once the local anaesthetic wears off. Over-the-counter painkillers or medication from the dentist is available at all times to help you get through the initial few days before the pain begins to ease.

Once the pain eases, be prepared to smile for years to come.

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