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Happy and healthy smiles start from childhood and Bendigo dentists make sure children’s smiles continue to develop as they grow into adulthood.

With children’s dentistry, we keep to the promise that our dedicated Bendigo children’s dentistry team deliver exceptional dental care and create a happy and relaxing environment for children. Integrated Smiles Bendigo Dentist welcomes children with open arms to start them on their dental journey.

It is our mission to reduce feelings of nervousness and anxiety within children, so they’re comfortable during their visit. The valuable benefits to oral health with a shiny smile are significant, and at Bendigo, we want to deliver a memorable experience for children.

If you’ve been asking yourself to find the “best childrens dentist near me?” or “find the best dental clinic near me?”, then check yourself in with our Integrated Smiles Bendigo dental team and experience the perks of children’s dentistry today!

Children’s Appointment At Integrated Smile Bendigo Dental Clinic

Children are eligible for kids’ dentistry and an appointment as soon as their first tooth seeps through.

We all understand the fears that come with entering dental clinics for the first time. Our approach to a children’s appointment is unique to others. For every new child patient, our friendly dentists in Bendigo welcome children with open arms and first make sure of comfort and happiness in new surroundings before stepping into the dental chair.

We like to strike a bond with our patients and our dedicated dentists will do all they can to preserve their dental health of kids’ teeth and deliver quality dental care with kids’ dentistry.

Our approach also includes educating them on why good oral health is important and the benefits they can gain from it. We support patients with honesty and passion, and we strive to deliver the bright smile children deserve.

What To Expect At A Kids Appointment At Integrated Smiles Dentist Bendigo

As soon as your child is eligible to step into the dental chair, here’s what you can expect from a typical kids dentistry appointment with Dentist Bendigo:

Medical Evaluation Checks

The kid’s dentist will examine the dental health of your child’s gums and jaw structure with x-rays to check for any immediate concerns. X-rays are safe for children and is a standard pre-requisite.

A Thorough Clean

The dentist will perform a short process of cleaning your kid’s teeth. The dentist may recommend fluoride treatments should it be required if tooth decay is identified. A thorough clean should become a regular occurrence for children to keep teeth healthy and strong whilst they grow.

Advice On Nutrition & Hygiene

Children will be educated on the importance of quality dental care and oral health, along with oral hygiene routine advice to keep teeth shining. Therefore, it is important for parents to schedule regular kids’ check-up appointments every six months.

Healthy Habits At Home

Instil positive dental behaviours with fun experiences of brushing teeth. The dentist will recommend to use creative games, offer compliments and offer the odd treat to them if they maintain a healthy oral routine.

Benefits of a Children’s Dentistry

Development of Good Oral Habits

Whilst you shouldn’t expect your child to receive intensive treatment straight away, the best way to prevent future treatments like this is to educate them on good dental hygiene. With advice from the children’s dentist, children will understand the importance of positive oral health and adopt healthy oral hygiene habits at home themselves.

Children Gain Responsibility For Their Teeth

When children take responsibility for their teeth, the parent’s role is complete. Children are expected to adjust their behaviour towards looking after their teeth after their dentistry appointment.

Catching Dental Problems Early

The most obvious benefit of children’s dentistry is keeping children’s oral health away from any cavities forming. Catching concerns early is important to ensure your child’s teeth continue to shine brightly as they grow up.

Ease Visiting Fear

Fears are natural at a young age when anything new appears in life. The more regularly children visit the dentist, the more confident and relaxed they’ll be for future visits.

There’s no doubt that children not visiting the dentist heightens the danger to their oral health.

Children’s dentistry provides valuable dentistry services to avoid any cavities that damage children’s oral health.

The first milk tooth growing is the only indication parents need to check their child in to visit the dentist.

Is your child eligible for children’s dentistry? Looking for a trusted dentist clinic for your children’s oral health?

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