Shekib Mastoor

Shekib Mastoor

Oral Health Therapist

I completed my Bachelor of Oral Health Science at the Latrobe University, Bendigo Campus

in 2018 and graduated as a qualified Oral Health Therapist with extended scope of practice.

Extended scope of practice allows me to provide both comprehensive check-ups and

hygiene services as well as filling and therapy treatments for all ages. After graduation, I worked for Bendigo Health Dental Services and then joined Integrated smiles in early 2020. I enjoy my work and believe in building strong rapport with my patients. 


I am a warm and friendly person and I greatly value patient care and comfort assuring

delivery of highly quality services during all dental procedures. I am honoured and excited to

be part of a professional team of dental practitioners at Integrated Smiles and I look forward

to meeting you and caring for your oral health.


I love having a chit-chat with the kids, they always show genuine appreciation for their treatment and there’s nothing like a big high 5 at the end of an appointment and some animal balloons that kids love it. 

I use my specific dental terminologies for children such as counting your teeth when checking teeth, washing your tooth with tooth shampoo when preparing tooth surface for a filling, fissure sealant or a crown, and brushing teeth when cleaning teeth. This helps young nervous kids get used to their dental visits and not think of any dental procedures. My mission is to make it a fun and positive experience. 

In the last five years of my professional experience, my focus was not only to provide quality dental hygiene and therapy services but also to maintain healthy gums and teeth by providing the right oral hygiene instructions. I always advise my patients that brushing their teeth is not enough and flossing is as important as brushing. 

Outside of work, I am an active member of community services and help people in need. I also enjoy cooking, exercising, gardening, reading and watching my favourite show on Netflix.  

So, what are you waiting for?

Check yourself into the Integrated Smiles’ Dentists in Bendigo and be prepared for an unforgettable dental experience!

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