The Available Smile Makeover Treatments

Everyone would improve their appearance if given the chance. Well, there is a chance! With Bendigo’s smile makeover treatments, you can restore and rejuvenate your smile and design the perfect aesthetic smile you’ve always wanted.

Your smile is the first thing that is noticed about you. It also demonstrates high smiling confidence and self-esteem. If you continue to feel embarrassed by your smile, you can stop this by seeking a smile makeover right now.

Unsure on the available smile makeover treatments? Well, simply scroll down and find out what they are.

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Teeth Whitening

In-office dental whitening lightens the shade of your smile whilst removing any stubborn stains that have hidden your smile up until now. Teeth whitening is simple, effective and is one of the most sought out cosmetic treatments to work on your shine. The dentist uses a special bleaching agent to break down the stains and remove them completely to brighten up your appearance.

Dental Veneers

Do you have certain chips and cracks that are keeping your smile hidden? Why not hide those concerns and replace it with a brand new appearance? Dental veneers can transform your appearance by wearing a Hollywood-looking smile. Typically made out of porcelain material, the veneer is a thin-shaped shell placed over your natural teeth to hide these niggling concerns that have damaged your smiling confidence.

Dental Implants

Do you have a gap within your teeth owing to tooth extraction treatment or a dental accident? Replace the gap with a dental implant. Missing gaps can have an impact on your bone density and facial structure, and it is important to get the gap filled. An implant is a natural-looking artificial replacement that restores the aesthetics and functioning of your mouth. It slots in as a natural replacement because it functions exactly like normal teeth. The implant crown is placed on top of a titanium screw infused in your jawbone. The best thing about it is, implants optimizes jaw health and allows you to smile confidently.

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Are you concerned by the alignment of your teeth? You can now straighten your smile without traditional braces with Invisalign clear aligners. Invisalign cures misalignment and straightens your teeth accordingly. The best thing about the aligners is they are transparent and virtually invisible, meaning you can continue to smile in public whilst your teeth straighten.

Why A Smile Makeover Is Important

Do not neglect your smile because it can really impact how you feel about yourself. A smile promotes overall wellbeing. You feel happier and confident and when your self-esteem is high, it introduces many other opportunities for you to entertain to transform the quality of your smile. Wake up happy and sleep happy!

Are you seeking a smile makeover? Contact one of our Integrated Bendigo dentists today and we will gladly get to work on your smile. Check yourself in for an appointment with us here.


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