The Top 5 Benefits of Using Dental Mouthguards

Mouthguards are vitally important for those who play sports. These avoid possible dental fractures or bite problems. They can also be helpful for people with sleep problems, as they can relieve jaw tension, among other conditions. 

We invite you to know the main benefits of these implements.

What you should know about mouthguards

Mouthguards are appliances that are placed over the teeth. They can be indicated for different conditions, even to correct snoring!

There are mouthguards protectors designed to cushion impacts to the face. It is used to avoid the risks of suffering pain or breakage of teeth, lips, tongue, jaw, or the entire face.

On the other hand, the protectors designed to solve oral problems are also known as dental splints. They are made of plastic or resin, and they are fabricated after having made moulds of the patient’s teeth. 

Depending on the use you give it, a mouthguard can last between two or three years if you use it sporadically.

Regardless of whether you wear sports mouth guards or dental splints, you should clean them after use. The way to do it is using cold water and a regular toothbrush plus toothpaste. This way, you eliminate bacteria that can develop during the use of the protector. 

Eventually, you’ll need to replace the used protector or splint with new ones.

Now, let’s take a look at the five main benefits of mouthguards.

Prevents Tooth Damage

When practising high-impact sports, they offer you the great advantage of avoiding the most usual and several injuries. This is the best way to protect your jaw. The probability of suffering an injury to the mouth or jaw when practising sports such as football, soccer, wrestling, or basketball, is significantly high. So consider using them even if it’s not mandatory.

Reduces Jaw Tension And Pain

Jaw tension can cause other discomforts that, in addition to affecting your rest at night, can complicate your daily routine. The pain usually experienced in the jaw can spread to other areas such as the neck, ear, and even cover the entire face. 

The effects of the mouthguard can prevent these complications from appearing in the long term. 

Prevents Headaches

The mouth guard is very effective in preventing the headache that is suffered as a result of bruxism. This pain is characterised by beginning to be felt in the temples or in front of the ear.

Provides Healthy Sleep Patterns

People who wear mouthguards notice an improvement in conditions such as sleep apnea. They can also help eliminate fatigue by allowing you to have a better quality of nights of rest.

Prevents Snoring.

The mouth guard helps treat snoring by preventing the throat muscles from closing. This is achieved thanks to its design, which is made to exert force on the lower jaw, gently pushing it and placing the tongue forward. This position allows air to flow properly, improving breathing.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about procedures or implements for your oral health. In our dental centre, we put your health first!


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