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The Ultimate Braces Hack: Dental Wax 101

Those with dental and facial abnormalities normally go for orthodontics, as it is a form of dentistry that is completely focused on diagnosing and treating such problems. The main idea behind the orthodontic treatment is a good bite, as it can enhance your dental and overall health. Individuals with braces can face different challenges during their treatment. They have to follow the guidelines for food and have proper hygiene.

Even if an individual follows all the guidelines, they may face problems with the braces. An orthodontic wax or a dental wax for braces is the best solution to encounter such problems. Read on if you want to know more about orthodontic wax.

How do you put the Dental Wax for Braces?

When starting the treatment, the dentist always includes some dental wax for braces in the orthodontic pack. This wax can be applied to any brace part and rubbed to make a shield. The following are a few general tips for using wax.

  • Thoroughly wash your hands before touching the wax, and before starting, it is better to brush your teeth and clean the food particles out of the braces.
  • Your orthodontic wax will be in a stick form, so you must pinch off a small piece with your fingers.
  • As the wax will be hard, you must roll it on the fingers to soften it before applying it.
  • The ball of wax needs to be slightly flattened; then, you can press it onto the area of the braces that cause discomfort.

Are There Any Differences Between the Kinds of Dental Wax?

Functionally, there are no differences between the kinds of dental wax for braces available in the market. They normally do the same thing and have the same effectiveness, but there are still a few differences. You will find some made out of animal fats, including the fatty acid esters gained from animal products. Some rely on the most common beeswax, whereas you will also find some with extracts of plant materials and vegetable fats.

One of the major differences between different kinds of orthodontic wax is that some are flavoured. You will notice that some have added mints or different flavourings, while others have no taste. It is important to remember that whether flavoured or regular, all kinds of wax work on the same principle, meaning they will have the same consistency.

Can You Eat with Dental Wax in Place?

It depends on you whether you want to eat with the dental wax for braces or not. Some people feel uncomfortable eating with the orthodontic wax, whereas others have no issues with it. If you are among those who feel irritation, it is better to remove the wax before you eat and then apply it again after a meal.

It would be best if you kept in mind that before reapplying the wax, it is important that you brush your teeth and then properly dry them. If you are among those who eat with the wax, remember to immediately change it after the meal, as the food particles can stick to it. When brushing and flossing, it is better to remove the wax so that any damage to the toothbrush can be avoided.


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