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Tips To Keep Enamel Strong

The enamel is one of the most important and hardest mineral substances in the body. The enamel is that outer surface layer of your teeth that protects against tooth decay and keeps your teeth white. It is even stronger than bone. Whilst that may be, it doesn’t make the enamel immune from any oral health dangers. If you haven’t already, learn about the home tips to reduce tooth decay.

A smile is one of the most important attributes of overall wellbeing. The enamel serves you to make sure your teeth shine for as long as possible.

Whilst the enamel serves to protect you, it doesn’t mean you can neglect your oral hygiene. This is because there are several ways that you can strengthen your enamel to preserve the health and shine on your teeth.


Even if your enamel has depleted in strength, that’s ok. Follow these tips to strengthen your tooth enamel.

Improve Your Nutrition

Calcium is an essential property for strong healthy teeth to remineralize the enamel. Calcium foods such as cheese, dairy, leafy green vegetables and nuts also contain phosphorus to give the enamel the strength it needs. The enamel will also benefit from vitamin C to remove plaque and tartar which you can take from vegetables. Your diet plays an important part in protecting the enamel from decay. If your diet isn’t as healthy as it should be, it is never too late to change it.

Brush Your Teeth Correctly

If you’re wondering whether there is a right or wrong way to brush teeth, there is. The harder you brush, the higher the risk of breaking down your enamel. First, you must brush your teeth with a soft-bristle toothbrush and stroke the teeth gently in a circular motion. Ensure that all contours of the mouth are brushed including the tongue. Bacteria rests on the tongue after eating and should not be neglected.

Treat Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth is a condition where teeth clench and grind together during sleep. It is difficult for the person who suffers from it to understand they’re doing it. Without realising, your teeth can flatten, chip, fracture or even break. Ensure that a family member can detect whether you suffer from it during sleep. As a solution, consider wearing a custom mouthguard that will create a gap between the upper and lower teeth. Your smile will thank you in the long run.

Limit Your Sugary Food and Drink

As part of a balanced diet, reduce your sugar intake because it is the key culprit for wear-and-tear of your enamel. Whether it be chewy candy, sodas, sweets and wine, these will cause equal damage. Some sodas contain artificial sweeteners where sugar levels are lower than natural sugar but are damaging, nonetheless. Drink more water during the day including with your meal.

Tooth Filling

You must do all you can to protect your enamel from damage. As part of daily brushing, consider using fluoride toothpaste because fluoride helps to fight cavity whilst strengthening your email. Your smile benefits from strong enamel to keep your teeth white and shiny. In return, you can wear a shiny smile with confidence.

Is your enamel weak? Prefer to seek a second opinion at a dental check-up? Contact our helpful Integrated Smiles dental team. We are ready and willing to restore confidence in your smile. Contact us today to book an appointment.


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